Ministries - The Ruth Unit

The Ruth Unit invites you to come to Salem on Saturday, October 5th at 5:30 pm.  Leslie Goddard will perform, 'Titanic Survivor, Violet Jessop'.  This is a historical  portrayal based on the true story of a maid on the Titanic.


Salem has many ministries for people of all ages and talents

On January 19th, the Ruth Unit held a Saturday retreat for all ladies of the church and guests at the Wildwood Community building. Pastor Wayne led the program, "Faces of Grief" a program provided by the ELCA. 

Norma and Ruth enjoy a snack at the retreat

Pastor Wayne leading the discussion

Brenda and JoAnne prepare lunch

The Group hard at work

The Ruth Unit

The Ruth Unit meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month, (with the exception of June and July) at 1:30. All women of the church are welcome to join at any time. Monthly meetings consist of a short business meeting, followed by a Bible study from the Lutheran Women Magazine. We also engage in many activities that celebrate our Swedish/Lutheran heritage, and we are very popular in the holiday season when we make swedish meatballs as a fund raising activity. Swedish Meatballs are very important to the well being of any family or congregation......


Oh, meatballs, lovely meatballs, that grace our Sunday meal,

Another pan of meatballs of beef and pork and veal - adorn a serving platter upon a walnut stand.

We thank Thee for these meatballs from Thine and Grandma's hand.

Oh, lovely mashed potatoes in which these meatballs float on great brown lakes of gravy poured from the gravy boat.

It speaks to us of richness, of blessing and good cheer.

When spoken to by meatballs, I love the words I hear.

 Oh, spinach, peas, and onions, oh beets, beet greens, and chard fresh from Grandma's garden - beyond the cool green yard.

Pools of green lie steaming in pale blue china bowls - around a silver wedding vase of yellow marigolds.

Oh, lovely sweet cream butter, oh lovely bread we break - that Grandma made this morning before I was awake.

No recipe, no measure, but made with love and care. The smell of yeast and flour still lingers in the air.

Oh, cousins, aunt, and uncles, who share this earthly store, gathered round this table in nineteen fifty four.

Eyes close and hands are folded as Grandpa says the grace.

Mine alone are open, I look in every face.

I see your lovely faces, together on this day, passing into darkness, the voices fade away.

I close my eyes to hold you, to bring you back to me, passing, slowly passing into a memory.

Another Sunday dinner, another table set.

Children take the places of folk they never met.

A little boy is sitting in Grandpa's old oak chair.

I feel his eyes upon me as I say the prayer.

Around this Sunday table, time is passing by.

Child, I know you see it on our faces, so do I.

But thank the Lord for giving us this afternoon again, and now, please pass the meatballs, let's eat. Amen.

Garrison Keillor