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“He (Jesus) is not here, but has risen.” – Luke 24:5

Easter People Living in a Good Friday World

Dear Friend,

            What a wonderful time is spring!  The days warm up and grow longer.  The grass turns green and trees leaf out.  Birds often sing.  Flowers start to bloom.  Farmers and gardeners prepare to plant seeds in hopes of a good harvest.

            We will soon be celebrating the resurrection of our Lord.  It is so appropriate that we celebrate Easter during the spring.  For as new life emerges outside in the world all around us, so we celebrate Jesus rising to new life on the first Easter morning.

            Even as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, it is obvious that not all is well with the world.  In a recent sermon, I quoted from one of my favorite books: “We are Easter people living in a Good Friday world” (George S. Johnson, pg. 100, Beyond Guilt and Powerlessness).  As much as we wish it were otherwise, we certainly do live in a Good Friday world – a world that sometimes has rejection, betrayal, pain, violence, suffering and death.

            As we sometimes struggle to live in this Good Friday world, never forget that we are Easter people.  Because of Jesus’ death and resurrection, we Easter people have forgiveness for our sins, peace for our turmoil, and the great hope of eternal life.  So as we live in this Good Friday world, remember the great joy, peace, and hope that we have as Easter people.  Indeed, “we are Easter people living in a Good Friday world.”


In Christ,   Pastor Wayne