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"There was also an insciption over him, 'This is the King of the Jews.'" - Luke 23:38

Christ the King

Dear Friend in Christ,

            Christ the King Sunday this year will be on November 22nd.  The church year always concludes with Christ the King Sunday.  That the church year ends in this way sends the message that when all is said and done, what is most important is that Christ is the King.

            We are in a very difficult time in our nation.  We are very divided politically with many people on both sides insisting that their political party is completely right and the other party is completely wrong.  Christ the King Sunday is a good time to remind ourselves that our ultimate king is not Donald Trump nor Joe Biden.  Our ultimate king is Jesus Christ.  It is to Jesus that we pledge our allegiance, loyalty, and devotion.  King Jesus is the one that we serve.  Regardless of our political opinions, we can find unity as we serve King Jesus.

            The place where we find King Jesus is not in a royal place, but quite surprisingly on a rugged cross.  The sign above him called him a king.  Many found it laughable that a man hanging on a cross could be any kind of a king, but the words were true.  This suffering man was and is a king.  Believing that Jesus is a suffering king is especially meaningful as we continue to move through this difficult time of the coronavirus pandemic.  Jesus is not absent from our difficulties.  He is with us in our times of suffering.  After all, Jesus is the suffering king.

            May Christ the king rule in our hearts even as we move through difficult times.  The suffering man on the cross is indeed “Christ the king.”

Your Friend in Christ,

Pastor Wayne